School Information

  • Yashimagakuen University
  • The first Japanese Internet University opened in 2004. This university has established Lifelong Learning Faculty.

  • Yashimagakuen High School
  • It is a wide area communication high school which has a local offices in both of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Hyogo and Osaka. It was received approval for opening school in 1992、The students graduated until now more than 36,000 persons. They achievement of the top class of communication high school with how know achieving reliable high school graduation.

  • Yashimagakuen University International High School
  • Can enter from all over the country, it is Japan's first high school with three units: unit system, wide area communication system, and short-term centralized type.

  • Yashimagakuen special High School
  • It is a high school in Osaka prefecture aiming for social independence。

  • Fukuoka Women's Commercial High School
  • It is a high school of a full-day / commercial department in Fukuoka prefecture whose training philosophy is the development of a woman who is strongly self-motivated.

  • ESA Music Academy College
  • It is the vocational school of Osaka prefecture which sets up the only wind music class in Japan. Repairing wind instruments, including civil servants music corps, curriculum for getting a job in the music industry ", such as music study abroad or repair abroad, will make your future's sure.